Tuesday, January 1, 2013

School Counseling Linky Party 2013

I was so excited to hear about the linky party that Marissa Rex over at Elementary School Counseling started, so here goes:

This is a tough one for me.  I haven't really added many features, except for the Shelfari widget :)  I hope to add more features in the new year.  Creating this blog has been a release for me.  It's a way to share and become refreshed as I journey through the challenging job of School Counseling.  Reading what others are doing and experiencing in their school helps me keep moving and stay motivated.  As I keep writing, I hope to come up with some creative features, so I hope that you will keep reading, if you have been reading my posts.5, so I've just spent about 20 minutes searching through my blog posts to find my favorite, and It's so hard to choose!  If I absolutely have to pick, I'd have to say that I really enjoyed writing about my daily schedule.  "A Day in the life."  It is rewarding to me to look back on my days work and think, WOW!  I'm one busy lady, and I DO make a difference.

According to my widget, my most popular blog post is "Whats the best part of an M&M?"  This is always one of my favorite lessons to do with students because it's fun for all of us...but more importantly, the students really have that "ah-ha" moment, which is so exciting.  I have been so excited to see my blog posts linked on pinterest this past year, which has really inspired to keep sharing!

This is a really tough one!! I have been inspired by so many of you!  I have celebrated with your successes, cried with your struggles, and been motivated by your ideas.  Some of the ones I'm always excited to see new posts by are:

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