Friday, January 25, 2013

Infinite Learning Lab

For today's Friday Find, I wanted to share a website that I found recently that is fun to use in small groups, individual counseling, or classroom guidance.  It features our favorite orange cat, Garfield!  The website is called Infinite Learning Lab and there are even iPad apps for each of the topics.  Garfield discusses topics in math, language arts, science,and life skills.

In the life skills section, there are videos on self control, Internet safety, self esteem, listening, cyber bullying, diversity, etc.  I love that kids can easily learn these topics from a character that they recognize. Students watch a video about the topic, try the will, and then apply it.

This website is easy to use with kids in individual counseling, small groups, and classroom guidance. I would love to try it on the smart board in a classroom.  Students are easily engaged and the videos open up discussions and serve as a great opening to my lessons.

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