Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stop, Think, Do!

The steps for self control.  I teach the "stoplight method" in individual, small groups, and sometimes in classroom guidance.  It's an easy way for kids to visualize their thought processes.  I first learned about this on the yahoo elementary school counselors listserve, and I've tweaked it for my kiddos.  I start by asking them what happens when mom or dad is driving down the road and they come to a red light?  They all yell out "stop!" We then talk about the other colors...slow down, and go.  I tell them that the traffic light "controls" the drivers on the road to keep everyone safe.  We talk about what would happen if people ignored the traffic lights.  They all comment "they would wreck."   I then explain that this is the stoplight for their brain!  It helps them control their decisions and also helps prevent "wrecks" from happening in their life.  Sometimes when we "go" without thinking first, disaster strikes...we get in trouble, someone gets hurt, etc.  We then talk about each step....Red means "stop!", yellow means "slow down and think!" and green means "go!"  We have to think about our actions before we go!  I keep this posted right beside my board where I teach my groups for easy access.  I use this several times a week at least!  I even have a traffic light that lights up that I sometimes pull out.  This is a great technique to help with impulsivity and self control.

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