Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy School Counselors' Week!

My heart is beaming with pride this week as I'm able to advocate for my profession and educate the teachers at my school about what a School Counselor can contribute to a school.  First, I sent out a few e-mails of news articles that have been printed in local newspapers about School Counselors.  Next, I decided this year to do something for my staff, since they have always been so good to me in the past on this week (poems written by students presented at assemblies, special recognitions, chocolate-yum, etc.) and at the same time I could promote my services (Win, Win!).  I used the concept of legos (many of the other counselors whose blogs I follow are using this same idea) to focus on CONNECTIONS! 

On day one, I decided to use the "guess how many legos" in teacher lounge with a plate full of cookies and a sign about school counselors' week.  On Tuesday morning, the basket was already full of responses! I can't wait to announce the winner on Friday and present him/her with the prize.  Yesterday, I went to check my mailbox and inside was a class set of cards written by a 5th grade class.  I almost cried reading about all of the lessons they remembered, and even some of the personal notes from students I've worked with in groups or individually.  I sent them a thank you note to show my gratitude and to let them know that THEY are the reason I do what I do.  Coming to school and seeing their smiling faces each day is what keeps me motivated and makes me love my job.

Yesterday, I put candy bars in each teacher's mailbox with a note glued on in the shape of a lego. Sorry you can't see the colorful ones I made, I didn't snap a picture before putting them in the teacher boxes.  At the top it says "School Counselors CONNECT" and in each of the circles on the lego I have listed "students, teachers, community resources, staff, parents, and administration."  I got tons of thank yous from the teachers...everyone enjoys a little afternoon treat :)

On Friday, I plan to announce my "guess how many legos" winner and then put out some 3 musketeers.  An idea stolen from Danielle's blog "School Counselor's Blog."  The sign reads "Teachers, Administrators, and School Counselors CONNECTING for Student Success!  In honor of School Counselors' Week, I'd like to thank you for being one of the '3 Musketeers!'" 

Overall, this week has helped reconfirm why I do what I do.  How much I love my position, my school, my students, my coworkers.  Without the support of the wonderful teachers that I work with, I would not be successful.  The way that they care about students and put their needs first helps make my job easy.  I have felt appreciated and loved this week and I wish the same for all of you deserving counselors out there!  We are often overlooked, often the loner (especially if you're the only counselor in the school, like me), the secret keeper, but I know that I am appreciated all year long and that is what this week has shown me!

What are you doing in your school to promote the role of the School Counselor?

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