Thursday, November 15, 2012

Class Dojo

As engaging as I try to make my groups, sometimes things don't go as planned.  Students can often lose focus or become silly and rowdy.  Being the counselor can be difficult because there's a line that we dont want to cross.  We want to teach them skills such as self control, anger management strategies, and social skills, but we don't want to be put in the disciplanarian position. 

That being said, I've played around with several different ideas in groups to keep students motivated.  I'm so excited to be starting an idea which I first saw on Pinterest:  Class Dojo.  Several teachers in my school use Class Dojo (a website and iPad app) to monitor student behavior.  Each student has an avatar (a monster) which you can change to the student's picture.  Teachers can modify their behaviors (to add or take away points).  Students will hear a ding when they receive a point and a buzz when they lose a point.  I plan on using the Dojo for each group and points will be awarded for participation, modeling skills (anger management, social skills, self control).  Instead of monitoring each student, I plan on creating an avatar for each group.  They will collectively earn points, and we can even create reports on the program to look at our overall performance and analyze data.  I want to put up a chart on the wall so that we can record their points for each session.  Groups will be able to monitor their progress in comparison to other groups.

What type of behavior management system do you use for classroom guidance or groups?


  1. I love class dojo! Did you know there is an app for it for your ipad, or iPhone? You can use your iPhone as a remote to your laptop too. It's definitely effective. I like the idea of using one avatar versus several. I might try that!

  2. Penny's Pieces is a great app to use in an anger management group.

  3. Hi Traci - Kalen from ClassDojo here. Thank you so much for taking the time to post about us - our entire team really appreciates the support!

    If anyone who comes across this post has any questions for us or needs help getting set up with their free account, please don't hesitate to reach out at Cheers :)