Friday, March 22, 2013

Pawsitive Behavior Day

Today at our school we celebrated Pawsitive Behavior Day!  (Pawsitive because we are the wildcats).  Although we are not a PBIS school, we still recognize student's positive behavior by giving them "shout outs."  Shout outs are little notes you write when you see a student doing something good.  The notes go in a jar in the front office and my principal reads them over the announcements in the morning and at assemblies.  Students are always so excited to hear their name announced!  Every time students earn a collective 500 shout outs as a school, they earn a Pawsitive Behavior Day!   Pawsitive Behavior Day is a day that is centered around a theme.  Students still do many of their academic tasks, but with a twist.  Even our "specials" block is set up with games centered around the theme.  We go all out--costumes, decorations, etc.  It is so exciting to see student's faces when they get to school that day because they are smiling bigger than ever.  Today we celebrated our students with a Dr. Seuss themed Pawsitive Behavior Day.  Students got to have a green egg relay race, play a "fox in sox" game, and do many more Dr. Seuss themed activities.  By far my favorite moment was seeing a 5th grader who I know pretty well skipping down the hallway because he was so excited.  That is such a rare moment! 

How do you celebrate positive behavior at your school?